dimanche 5 août 2012

Back to work

Hey fluff fest has been a blast, even if it was raining, and spent 35 hours on the road for more/less 12 hours at the fest, it was worth it. So many people, so many friends, it was insane, still frustrated of not spending enough time though.

Has you may know, our drummer on fluff fest show, was not our "original" drummer, but a friend who learned our songs in 1month, and played them for the first time at fluff fest, so big up at him, he did a great job.

We are back in the south, working... A lot of friends are visiting us, so that's super cool, feel like we are in holidays too! Our plans are to record a split with our new brothers of insanity: Who needs maps?. Since we are back in a 4 piece, the "album" project is pushed back in near future. We realy need to have a new record in our hands, and to turn a new page, after 2/3 years of up and down! We will re.record some songs from the demo with one guitar, and record some new ones too! Get ready for some changes, as you may know clément is definitly not a guitar hero, so back to simplicity and loudness!

We received some emails after fluff, don't hesitate to send us more! bokanovskyband@gmail.com

A friend of us did a sort of video/clip of the show at fluff fest, watch it, it's cool and fancy!
His email, if you want to email him:  gregory.peres.mp@gmail.com

And a live video from the first part of "we stumble" that we played at fluff fest: 

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