jeudi 12 avril 2012

Hey everyone, we are back and safe from tour. Tour was amazing, that was our second european tour. The last one was 5/6 years ago, and it felt so good to see familiar faces, countries and cities we allready played before, but also disocover new bands, new faces, new monuments and borders. We won't make an exaustive list, because we are big loosers and I'm sure we would forget someone, but just many many thanks to all the people/friends who put on the shows, came to the shows, talked with us, offered us drinks, laugh, and last but not list cooked us delicious food. We had amazing food on almost all the dates. Having hot and delicious food makes a tour definitly worth it, THANK YOU!

News from our side? Stumbling to practice, as always... and back to work life. Hopefully we'll have our new record this summer... HOPEFULLY ... Several projects, several ideas, tours... Still everything has to be done, let's stay in touch and see how things works!

See you this summer!

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